Thursday, September 28, 2006

Television Spies, Digital Signal Processing, and a Midnight Snack

Though I didn't plan it, I've ended up staying awake late tonight watching a marathon of Alias episodes on TNT and reviewing the documentation about use of Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) in Max/MSP. Made tortellini and brussel sprouts at 12:30. Enjoying a breeze from the balcony at 2AM.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Handkerchief Code

This evening I was dressing for a "Project Runway" viewing party. I looked in the mirror and felt like my outfit was missing something. As I walked through the bathroom, I noticed two red handkerchiefs that I never use. Ah! The Hankie Code! Perfect! It's always nice to bring a bit of cultural heritage into a look.

For those who are not familiar with the Hanky Code, it is a remnant from the golden days of gay male culture. In order to streamline the ancient process of cruising bars for hot sex, the venerable fathers of gay culture invented a color-coded system. A hankerchief of a given color, placed in either the right or left back pocket of your trousers, was all a man needed to tell the world what he was looking for that night. This code, though known to the gays of modern day, lingers on the edge of becoming a dead language. Most tend to blame this on the AIDS epidemic.

Before heading off to a party with a red sinal blaring from my pocket, I thought it prudent to find out what signal I was sending. After all, there might be other hankie-coders out tonight. As it turns out, according to the code, I am into fisting. By standard practice, Left Pocket means Active/Top and Right Pocket means Passive/Bottom. To avoid completely fibbing, I switched the hankie to the right.

Tables breaking down the many permutations of the Hankie Code can be found on these sites:
Some of my favorites:

Those that know will me will be delighted to know that wearing a rosary means that you're into Ritual Scenes.

Excerpt from "The Compleat Handkerchief Code"

Worn On Left
Color, Pattern,
Fabric, or Item
Worn On Right
Wants Oral SexBlue (Light)Expert At Oral Sex
CopBlue (Medium)CopSucker
Two Looking For OneGoldOne Looking For Two
Fights To Be TopRebel FlagFights To Be Bottom
Group SexRed LaceGroup Sex Bottom
Sixty-NinerRobin's Egg BlueSixty-Niner
PirateSkull And CrossbonesTreasure Chest
My Lover's Out; My Place OkayToothbrushYour Place Only
Likes Novices Or Masturbate MeWhiteNovice Or Will Masturbate Both
Water Sports TopYellowWater Sports Bottom
Has DrugsZiplok BagWants Drugs

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'm determined to get a gay man to cover this song: